Welcome to the Lancaster County Speakers Bureau


The Lancaster County Speakers Bureau is operated as a service to the community.  It makes talented and worthwhile speakers available to civic, business, social, church, educational and other community organizations, thereby serving the residents of Lancaster County (Pennsylvania).


The speakers present a variety of interesting and informative speeches, most of which have been prepared to be given in twenty to thirty minutes.  Many of them, however, can be modified to fit your program.

How is a speaker obtained?

On this web site you will find a list of the speakers, subjects and brief descriptions of their talks. Your organization can secure a speaker from the ranks of the Speakers Bureau simply by contacting the speaker at the phone number or email address listed for him/her.

What is the cost?

Speakers Bureau members do not charge a set amount for their services, but your donation to the speaker is sincerely appreciated. In addition to covering the speaker's expenses, it also helps to defray the costs of operating the Speakers Bureau.

Want additional information?

You may learn more about the Bureau, including how new speakers can join, by contacting any one of the following members of the Executive Committee:

  • Donald L. Lohr (684-8431) . . . . . . . .  Chairman
  • J. Calvin Wenger (664-6325) . . . . ... . Vice-Chairman/Speakers
  • Dale G. Williams (361-4997) . . . . . . . Vice-Chairman/Publications
  • Edmund L. Marks (625-6167) . . . . . .  Secretary
  • Dennis E. Mohler (725-4104) . . . . . . . Treasurer
  • Hazel C. Deming (464-3363) . . . . . . . Historian



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